Glass Prints

When the renovation of the house is completed, and you enjoy the results, you need only a finishing touch. And perhaps the first thing you think about is a picture. You can hang it on the wall and then, if desired, easily replace it with another one in order to refresh the atmosphere of the room. 
Thanks to modern technology, the boundaries of art have expanded. Paintings made of glass appeared among other varieties. They are created by printing on glass. Such pictures have a wide color palette and can have some additional expressive means. For example, if you put the light on the back side of the picture, it will look especially beautiful.

Printed glass can be decorated in any style, or it can depict the work of a famous classic. It can also be the way of printing any of your photos. The shape of the canvas depends only on your preferences. For instance, the modular glass picture would look very nice. 
Glass printing has some more advantages. It does not fade and does not get dirty. It is also not afraid of water and scratches. Such pictures are made of laminated glass, which makes glass paintings safe.

If you want the picture to be even lighter, then you can choose a mirror as the material of canvas. Mirror paintings will reflect the light and create the illusion of additional windows.

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