Stained glass as a source of colorful light


Stained glass can be called one of the most brilliant glassworks. No wonder it has been highly valued since ancient times. Mostly, it has been used in the decoration of temples. And this is not surprising, because when the sunlight passes through the stained glass, the room becomes filled with colorful rays, and the picture, painted on glass, shines bright colors itself. It really creates a feeling of touch to the beautiful and the high.

At present, the production of stained glass is not limited to religious images. They can be installed as an ornament of any building. The subject matter of the images is also unlimited. The main principle - it should be beautiful.

In the Middle Ages, the technology of stained glass production was very complicated, so it was often made in poor quality, which affected their longevity. Nowadays the situation has changed a lot. There are many ways to create a beautiful and durable image on the glass. You can choose from the complete list of modern techniques for creating stained glass windows, including etching, sandblasting, mosaic, painting,  contouring and many others. It is also possible to combine several techniques.

The stained glass is a kind of picture. Therefore, given the wide variety of styles of painting, one can confidently speak of the diversity of styles of stained glass art. For example, you can choose a classic style or modern on the contrary. Oriental, Gothic, Art Deco, abstraction, romantic styles, or images of the favorite cartoon characters to the joy of the child. Why not? The main thing is that this work of art brings aesthetic pleasure.

A window is the most classic thing to be decorated with stained glass. But the stained glass can also perfectly decorate glass doors and the elements of lighting. It is desirable to adhere only to one condition: it is necessary that a fairly bright light passes through the stained glass, so it can fully reveal the beauty of its colors and patterns. However, in the absence of this condition, it will look colorful anyway and will make your interior brighter.

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