Textured Glass Furniture

Textured glass is a glass with a volume patterns. Such relief is made by passing the glass between special rollers at high temperature. This glass is very pleasant to touch and resembles a work of art in itself.

Patterned glass is often used for interior decoration. These can be shower doors, partitions, railings, and interior doors. Furniture is also included in this list. Glass furniture is resistant to mechanical damage, moisture, and dirt. Glass, as the covering for furniture, allows you to choose any design. It can be textured, matte, colored or antique.

Furniture, made of textured glass, is not so common.  Therefore, it will make your interior unique and inimitable. Textured glass breaks rays of light like the frosted glass do. In addition to the pattern itself, you can select the desired level of transparency. Due to this feature, textured glass manifests itself as a good material for doors. The door of this glass will pass the light, but at the same time, it will maintain the desired level of privacy.

Patterned glass is beautiful in itself. But you can still add colors to it, adding depth to the patterns with different shades of colors. Modern technologies make it possible to manufacture strong and very beautiful glass of almost any shape.

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