The Ways to Mount a Glass Fence

Glass fences can be seen everywhere: in shops and shopping centers, in the design of balconies and terraces, as staircase railing and around the pools. The use of glass as a material for fencing is determined by a number of its positive properties.
A framed glass fencing for a terrace
Framed glass fencing
First of all, glass is a transparent material that almost does not distort the appearance of objects located behind it. It is very appropriate within a beautiful room or landscape when privacy does not matter much. For example, by surrounding the pool with a transparent glass fence, you ensure the safety of children, but at the same time do not block the view. People who are in the pool area can easily see the surrounding landscape.

Another important advantage of glass is a great design opportunity. It can be attributed to the color and texture of the glass, as well as the method of its fastening.
The main methods of glass fences mounting:
- The framed glass fencing is held by metal or wooden pillars, which are located between glass sheets.
- Frameless fence implies the desire to make the joints between the glass parts as less visible as possible. It does not have a frame, and the glass is mounted at the bottom of the structure. In this case, the mount can be hidden or open.
- Fastening on the aluminum profile allows you to save space and create a feeling of weightlessness of the whole structure.
Frameless glass fencing
Frameless glass fencing

Glass fences for stairs, terraces, balconies, and other objects can be straight and sloping, even and curved. Accordingly, the approach to the installation of each of the options is different. It is possible to choose the appropriate method of glass fences mounting for almost any conditions, due to the variety of available glass fastening systems. There are options when all fasteners are open and thus participate in creating a common decorative and stylistic solution, and there are options with hidden fasteners that make the glass look like floating in the air.

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