Ways to Mount a Frameless Mirror

A mirror that does not have a frame requires special mounting methods. Such a mirror can be attached to the wall, doors or furniture. There are three main ways to mount a frameless mirror:
- by using mounting double sided tape;
- by glue;
- a mechanical mount.

Installation by using double-sided tape. This method is suitable for mounting in the bathroom or for the furniture. This way the mirror can be attached to metal, most plastics, glass, ceramics, processed wood, etc. The mounting tape is not suitable for silicone and rubber coatings, polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon, and also for surfaces that are prone to delamination. The double-sided tape must be foamed (to be quite thick). Thus, it will be able to level the irregularities of the wall or furniture cover.

Installation with glue. Using a special adhesive (sealant), you can attach a mirror to the wall or, for example, to a door. Unlike the previous method of fastening, this method takes time before the glue becomes dry. When the installation of the mirror is completed, it is fixed outside with a mounting tape until the glue hardens. You can combine the two methods and use both glue and double-sided tape. In this case, the tape will fix the mirror while the glue is not stiffened. At the same time, the sealant will hold the mirror if the mounting tape is weakened by moisture or time.

Mechanical mounting method. This type of installation is most suitable for mounting on the wall, as it allows you to fix the mirror to almost any material. Unlike previous methods, it can be used on wallpaper, and it will be reliable. The disadvantage is that the fasteners will be visible. However, they can look quite harmonious and aesthetically pleasing.

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