Printed Glass

The method of photo-printing gives great opportunities for glass decor. This way of applying any image on a glass or mirror surface is much more quickly and easy then the creation of a mosaic or stained glass.
Printed Glass Backsplash
Printed Glass Backsplash
There are two main ways to apply a printed pattern on the glass. The first method involves printing on a special transparent film, which is then glued to the back surface of the glass. While being behind a layer of transparent glass, such an image is clearly visible and protected at the same time. If desired, there is an opportunity to remove the film with a view to replace it with another one. Consider that only a specialist should do this.

Photo-printing by the second method is applied directly on the glass surface. The result is brighter and more sparkling. In addition, there is no possibility that the film will come unstuck as a result of exposure to moisture or abrasives. However, this method also has its drawbacks: it is more expensive and does not imply the opportunity of changing the image in the future.

From the described features of both methods, it can be concluded that the choice of technology depends on the requirements for appearance and physical properties of the glass product. For example, a glued film is perfect for creating a colored kitchen backsplash, since the back side of the glass is securely hidden from the effects of water and mechanical damage.
Printed Glass for a Partition
Printed Glass Partition

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