Back Painted Glass


Back Painted Glass
Back Painted Glass
Back painted glass is glass that has been painted on the back side. That way, from the front side, the glass is no longer obscure, but a solid color. It is commonly used in both residential and commercial buildings. Many office buildings install back painted glass panels to break up large, plain walls or to fill some empty spaces. But this is not the only way the back painted glass can be used. Many homeowners use it in bathrooms and kitchens, for example as a backsplash.

The production of this type of glass consists of several mane stages. They also depend on the chosen way of processing.

  1. The manufacture starts with a sheet of glass that has been cut to the customer’s specifications.
  2. The second stage is a perfect cleaning of the glass surface.
  3. The front edges of the glass are taped off with the purpose to exclude overspray of the paint.
  4. After the glass is laid flat, paint is applied to the glass by spraying.
  5. Depending on the manufacturing process, the glass may be “baked” in a large oven to ensure proper adhesion.

Back Painted Glass Backsplash
It is better not to die the glass by yourself, as it can cause light and dark spots, as well as streaks and air bubbles. Contrariwise, if you turn to the professionals, you will be provided by perfect result and warranty.

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