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Safety glass was accidentally invented by Edouard Benedictus, a French chemist. In 1903 he dropped a flask of nitrocellulose. To his surprise, the glass did not shatter into fragments but only slightly cracked. So Benedictus unwittingly realized the idea of ​​frontal auto glass.

The first bulletproof glass was installed in 1941 in the windows of the Oval Office of the White House USA.

Armored Glass
Armored Glass
 To create the armored or bulletproof glass they take several layers of glass and put them on each other, tying together with a special polymer film. After all that the glass sandwich is well heated in the oven and rolled with a machine under high pressure.

Why doesn’t a car windshield crumble to pieces when trying to smash it? It's simple. As in the case of armored glass, a special film is superimposed on the windscreen that prevents the cracked glass from flying into pieces. This invention is widely used in automobiles, significantly reducing the risk of injury from broken glass during accidents.

The thickest glass in the world is used in the Sydney Aquarium. Its thickness is 26 centimeters and the screen size is 7 by 4 meters. However, for larger aquariums, acrylic panels are used. The largest acrylic panel listed in the Guinness Book of Records, installed in an aquarium in Dubai and has a size of 8 by 32 meters and a thickness of 75 centimeters.

Ancient Egyptian Beads
Ancient Egyptian Beads
The oldest model of glassmaking is a greenish bead with a diameter of 9 mm, found by Flinders Petrie in Egypt near Thebes. According to scientists, its age is about five and a half thousand years. It is stored in the Berlin Museum.

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