Who is “Cooler”: a Boxer or a Karateka?

Or we will ask differently - which is better: tempered glass or triplex? This question cannot be answered unambiguously, since each of these glasses will be an ideal option, depending on the purpose of their application. And to make the right choice, you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of each material.

 Triplex is a laminated glass made of several glass sheets connected by polymer films or compounds.

Main advantages:
- increased resistance to damage and shock. It is very difficult to break it, but if this still happened, then the fragments do not fly apart but stick together thanks to the polymer compound;
- increased sound insulation;
- wide decorative possibilities due to the use of color films and various decorative processing methods.

Disadvantages: significant weight, somewhat limiting the use of the material; relatively low light transmission due to the use of films.

Tempered Glass Shower
Tempered Glass Shower

Tempered glass is obtained on the basis of ordinary sheet glass. Due to the sharp and uniform cooling of the heated glass, it acquires high strength and resistance to temperature influences.

Main advantages:
- high strength and resistance to mechanical stress, it can be broken only by a very strong blow, at that the material crumbles into safe fragments;
- the highest thermal stability, while in triplex this indicator is lower;
- high degree of light transmission.

Disadvantages: tempered glass can not be machined. All work with it must be done before hardening.

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