For many years it was believed that glass products came to Russia solely through trade with other countries. For example, near Kerch, jugs of Egyptian origin were found, which turned out to be more than 2500 years old.

But other things were discovered, suggesting that they were not brought from afar, but were made here on the spot. In ancient Russian tombs were beads and bracelets of a thousand years ago. In the Kuban, steppes preserved glass goblets decorated with gold.

Ancient Russ Glassware
Ancient Russ Glassware
In the Kharkiv region, they found decanters in the form of a bell on a high stalk. In Kherson and Volhynia, archaeologists unearthed glass beads, bracelets, rings that were used to be woven into girl’s braids...

In the writings of a German learned monk named Theophilus, who lived a thousand years ago, one can read a description of various artistic crafts. Speaking about Kievan Rus, Theophilus admires the ability of Russian masters to make very elegant little things decorated with colored enamel. But enamel is also glass! If these stories are confirmed by material evidence...

And so, in the spring of 1950 events unfolded, the witnesses of which were the children of a school in Kyiv in Podil. It all started with the arrival of young people armed with shovels. It soon became clear that they were students of the archaeological institute. They were looking for some antiquities.

Beads of Kyiv Rus
Beads of Kyiv Rus

And very soon the search, to the great joy of the pupils who watched the process, was crowned with success. An old broken stove was found, everywhere there were pieces of brick, clay.

“Now look here,” - said one archaeologist girl, taking off a bag from her shoulder and spreading out its contents on a newspaper. The guys looked at strange things being all eyes. These were colored beads, thick bracelets of blue, purple, yellow and green colors.

“They are made of glass,” - the girl explained, - “and they were the favorite adornment of Kyiv women.”

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