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 As the name itself indicates, Decorative Glass and Mirrors is in charge of creating all kinds of glass and mirror works for residential and commercial spaces in New York City and throughout the United States.   

Glass is a decorative element that crosses generations due to the elegance, subtlety and neatness that characterizes it not only in its transparent version but also in beautiful colors that fill the places with life and personality.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the industry materializing the dreams or visionary ideas of our clients regarding remodeling or construction with glass to whom we not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Our works are 100% customized: small, medium or large; that is, just what you need with unsurpassed quality. To achieve this we have certified Engineers, Architects, Designers and Glaziers who listen to your ideas and with total commitment bring to reality in a short time that project you have in mind. But if you need help in a big job, don't worry, we provide excellent advice.

Receive aesthetic, functional and durable works thanks to the most resistant glass in the industry such as laminated and tempered in record time thanks to our modern working tools.

Our services include:

  • Glass restoration
  • Patterned glass
  • Colored glass
  • Retro painted glass
  • Aged mirror
  • Acid etched mirror
  • Bidirectional mirror


  • Facades
  • Floors
  • Partitions
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Tables
  • Stairs
  • Railings...

In short, everything related and large projects unimaginable with this versatile material, everything is a matter of contacting us and our agents will very kindly clear any doubt related to the subject and will give you a totally personalized free quote.

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