The All-Seeing Eye and the Sacred Cow


The discovery of archaeologist Carter gave science a great and interesting material. Now it became clear how the Egyptians buried their kings. And those who were interested in the history of glass became convinced that skilled craftsmen of glass lived in Egypt already three thousand three hundred years ago.

Treasures of Ancient Egyptian Tombs
Treasures of Ancient Egyptian Tombs
 But the glass finds from the tomb of Tutankhamun were not the most ancient. Other scientists managed to find glass products of an earlier time. One of these finds belongs to the English archaeologist Flinders Petri. He explored dozens of Egyptian tombs, found hundreds of interesting things, knew this ancient country well, where hard-working builders, farmers, chemists, potters, glass-makers lived thousands of years ago.

Nothing seemed to surprise him anymore. But once, illuminating a dark old tomb with a flashlight, the scientist flinched in surprise. From a corner, a lonely eye looked at him point-blank!

Petri came closer. Raising it, the scientist was convinced that the eye was made of glass. Skillful coloring, very similar to the natural, deep black color of the pupil hit the scientist.

What was his surprise when, looking at his find, he saw an inscription made in hieroglyphs! The eye was the property of the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep I, who lived three thousand six hundred years ago.

Jewelry Art of Ancient Egypt
Jewelry Art of Ancient Egypt

But soon the story of another, more ancient thing, which belonged to some noble Egyptian, became known. The world would never know about this woman, but for her locket. It lay in the ground for four thousand years. And when the scientists extracted it, everyone was struck by the delicate taste of the master who performed this trinket.

The medallion is made of an oval glass plate of light blue color. The oval is surrounded by a frame of black and white glass squares. Each square is framed by a blue stripe. And there is a cow in the center of the medallion. It is white with black spots. The Egyptians considered a cow a sacred animal and worshiped its image.

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