Patterned glass

Patterned glass

Patterned glass is a kind of decorative translucent glass with embossed patterns on one or both surfaces.

Patterned glass

Pattern Glass or Decorative Glass or Rolled Glass is generally used where privacy or obscurity is desired but light transmission is still important. With the special property of decoration, patterned glass can allow light to pass through, at the same time, it can also prevent clear view. Usually it transmits only slightly less light than clear glass.

Patterned glass is not-perfectly-smooth structure with different patterns impressed on it. The depth, size and shape of the patterns largely determine the magnitude and direction of reflection. Basically patterned glass has a pattern impressed on one side of the glass which prevents someone from seeing though it, for privacy. Pattern glass can also be ordered in various tints as well. A common application of this sort is when used in privacy walls to separate one room from another.

Rolled Pattern glasses are available in a wide variety of patterns, to add the perfect complement to many interior designs. Heavy patterned glasses provide added strength and support, and are a fast-growing product category. According to customers^ requirements, patterned glass can be cut, ground, drilled, tempered, laminated, etc.


Patterned glass is made with a rolled glass process. All rolled patterned glass begins as a batch of materials, including silica sand, soda, and lime. These materials are melted together in a tank, and then the molten glass mixture is fed onto a machine slab. The glass flows under a refractory gate which controls glass volume and speed then moves between two counter-rotating, water-cooled rollers. One of these rollers is embossed, imprinting a distinct pattern onto the soft surface of the glass while the other roller is smooth.

The result is a piece of glass that is patterned and textured on one side, while smooth on the reverse. The distance between the two rollers determines the ultimate thickness of the glass. After it moves between the rollers, patterned glass is annealed or cooled slowly in order to remove any residual stresses. Rolled patterned glass can then be cut into standard sizes or cut into customized sizes for a specific customer application. The glass is then inventoried and ready for delivery.


Patterned glass

Rolled glasses are used in commercial, residential, and specialty applications. End uses include shower doors and tub enclosures including frameless shower doors interior partitions, translucent door and window treatments, foyers and vestibules, patio furniture, shelving, decorative furniture, and lighting fixtures. Comprehensive range of soft natural colours compliments and harmonizes with modern building materials to provide an exciting and different look to new and existing buildings. Pattern glasses are available in large amount of patterns. Patterned glass is most often found in bathroom windows.

Patterned glass is applied to all kinds of public and private places, such as office, meeting room, hotel, hospital, bath room, washroom, etc. It is also widely used as glass table, glass shaft and lampshade and so on. Mainly used in interior partitions, interior design, decorations, street furniture etc.

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