Restoration Glass

Restoration glass

What is Restoration Glass?

Restoration glass

Restoration glass is glass produced to mirror the look of antique glass. Using traditional mouth-blown cylinder glass methods of the past, wavy glass is still manufactured in Europe today. This glass produces the beautiful waves of historic crown glass and cylinder glass of prior centuries. "Decorative Glass and Mirror" stocks three different types of mouth-blown window and cabinet pane glass with varying degrees of waviness to match the existing panes in your home.

Restoration Glass is used in listed and period buildings where the glass must look authentic, as it would have when it was originally made. With movement and the occasional bubble, restoration glass has much more life to it than modern float glass. Perfect for sash windows, leaded lights and Orangery Windows. Call for samples and cut to size glass sheets.

Full Restoration Glass

Full Restoration Glass is more distorting and accurately replicates glass made in the 17th and 18th centuries. Its distinct appearance makes it an excellent choice for older colonial-style windows and cabinets, as well as antique and reproduction furniture.

Light Restoration Glass

Restoration glass

Light Restoration Glass is less distorting and an excellent match for glass found in structures built in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The slight distortion can be hard to distinguish in a small sample viewed up-close; however, it becomes more pronounced when viewed from a distance, in reflected light, and over a larger area. These characteristics make Light Restoration Glass ideal for use in windows and doors.

The historic accuracy of Restoration Glass is due to the careful preservation and practice of authentic, antique mouth-blown glass-making processes by Lamberts' skilled craftsmen. Each sheet of Restoration Glass is handmade utilizing centuries-old techniques and hand-selected at the factory to ensure the finest quality. The glass exhibits mild surface distortions, an occasional air bubble or pit, and other "imperfections" found only in original mouth-blown and antique window glass types.

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